First we would start by saturating the hair in detangle and oil. Then we will brush out your hair and shampoo it afterwards, to remove excess residue.

  • Dreadlock Maintenance

    We use the back comb method and a crochet hook to dread up all the new growth; all the way to the scalp. And to finalize the maintenance process, we also dread the tidies and “baby” hairs from the scalp.

  • Permanent Dreadlock

    Requires sectioning the hair to client’s desired dreadlock size. 

    Note: No longer doing hourly rates for new dreadlocks. It’s important for the client to identify the thickness of the dread.

  • Synthetic Braid-ins

    With synthetic braid-ins the color can be optional. After the color and size is selected our loctician pre-makes the dreads before you come in for your installation appointment. 



Dreadlock & Sculpt Consulting

If you're curious about dreadlocks, but afraid to take the leap; we’re here to answer your questions, and sooth your concerns. Whether you stumbled upon our studio website, or you have been recommended by one of our faithful clients, we are happy to help. 


Since 2016, we pride ourselves in providing the best selection & care for our customers. We specialize in dreadlocks: coloring, shampooing, styling, removal, maintenance, permanent dreads, synthetic braid-ins, and alternative organic hair products. 

In addition, we stay up to date on the latest trends in dreadlocks and styles. We are passionate about our craft and always ready for a new challenge.

Mariah Pike, Loctician 

So, if you're interested in trying out a certain look for an event, inquiring about a professional dreadlock styles for your day to day career job, or have an original idea in mind, or perhaps you would like to rock a similar dreadlock style as your favorite celebrity; please call us to schedule an appointment.  


Our experienced consultant is the best at making recommendations for her client’s specific dreadlocks & scalp needs. Perhaps you are using a product that has been doing more harm than good and you can’t find the right healthy option at a local store. We might have a product that can help you heal your scalp or make your dreadlocks look even better. 


We are here for you! All you have to do is schedule your first appointment, and go from there.


yourself     to   

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You deserve the absolute best, from our top qualified products to our specialized dreadlock services

    Monochromatic color scheme

    A monochromatic color scheme is somewhat similar to combining the same color. Color schemes are variations of the same hue. The variations are made by adjusting the shades, tones, and tints.

    Analogous color scheme

    Analogous color schemes are color combinations made up of those that are next to one another one the color wheel. Because of their physical closeness on the color wheel, they often look similar to one another and therefore make a good-looking color scheme. 

    Complementary color scheme

    Sometimes, opposites surprise us and really do attract. Complementary colors can be found on the color wheel by choosing one color and the color directly across from it. Opposites really do attract.

    Triadic color scheme

    While not necessarily the easiest, triadic color schemes are the safest bet if you’re looking to go outside of one hue. Triadic color schemes are combinations of three colors that are evenly spaced apart on the color wheel.  Triadic color schemes provide viewers with strong contrast, similar to a complementary color scheme. However, triadic color schemes achieve this effect without disturbing the peace.

    Split-complementary color scheme

    This color scheme uses two complementary color schemes that land right next to one another on the color wheel. This achieves the same head-turning ability as complementary color schemes but provides designers with a few more color options. Using this scheme suggests a little more confidence in the color choice than if a designer were to design with just two complementary colors. Split-complementary is still heavily contrasted, it just takes a little bit of the weight off of your eyes.

    Tetradic color scheme

    Also known as the double-complementary color scheme, this scheme is made up of two complementary pairs. Another name for this (yes, this is a lot to remember) is “rectangular colors” because these colors can be found by creating a rectangle on the color wheel. These colors can be a little alarming to look at, especially if they’re divvied up into equal amounts. To avoid turning heads the wrong way (away from your design), choose one of these colors to act as your dominant color and let the other three colors act as accents.

  • DREADLOCK jewelry 


  • DREADLOCK styles


  • DREADLOCK wraps & accessories


  • Permanent with Human Hair Extensions

    We first section the hair depending on the size of the readlock, then we start adding on the human hair to match the length of the clients hair. 


    Note: Consultation must be done prior to appointment to discuss color match.

  • Dreadlock Reconstruction

    Reconstruction process and time varies for different clients. It mostly depends on the state of the scalp and hair. We may require splitting dreadlocks that have congaed (stuck) together, or combining dreadlocks that are too thin. It can also require brushing out some of the hair to achieve the desired outcome.



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