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Mariah pike

Mariah Pike is a certified loctician who specializes in creating dreadlocks using the Divine Hand & Hook method, a technique using the Thai Crochet Hook. This specific technique creates an art form that is one hundred percent natural. Mariah prides herself on providing the best selection & care for her clients. Her disciplines involve dreadlock maintenance and hair repair, real human hair extensions, coloring dreadlocks, removing dreadlocks, permanent dreadlocks, synthetic braid-ins, stylizing dreadlocks, shampooing, and making alternative organic hair products. 


Mariah began her personal dreadlock journey in 2016. Soon after, she realized that she wanted to become a professional full roundel loctician.


Once she received her certificates, she learned that there was a demand for locticians in SoCal. As the search began for someone who specialized exclusively in making dreads, the ideas and manifestations for Dreadlock Alchemy began. Mariah has invested years of practice into perfecting her craft, and learning new techniques. Her hard work has caught the attention of so many, allowing her an opportunity to open her own studio. She believes every client is different, and that dreadlocks are an expression of artwork; art that one wears to represent each person's individuality. There isn’t a person more passionate than Mariah, who puts her ALL into her craft. However, Mariah isn’t one to keep all the secrets to herself; she enjoys consulting with potential clients, teaching her new apprentice, and blogging. 


It is a delight observing her in action from afar, her focus captivates how passionate she is about expressing herself through her craft. It is admirable to see such a remarkable person evolve into a self starter/entrepreneur; and she is always ready for a new challenge.


Aside from dreading hair, she also specializes in dreadlock repair and reconstruction,, she has started her own line of scalp and hair products that are less harmful to the scalp.


The quality of her work and professionalism have blessed her with a large number of faithful clients from all around, though mostly in SoCal. Her faithful clients often complement Mariah on her speed, quality of detail, and professionalism. As one walks into her studio one can sense the relaxing vibe, which helps to pass the time fairly quickly. 


Mariah loves taking proper care of her clients; if they have questions, she is always happy to oblige and answer all of their questions to the best of her abilities. 


When Mariah is not attending to her clients she spends her days handcrafting hair, learning new techniques, and staying up to date on the latest trends for dreadlocks and hair care. 

Mariah truly loves what she does, and she  is grateful to be a part of her clients’ dreadlock journey.

Her passion has not stopped growing in spite of this unfortunate pandemic. She decided to keep her doors open as long as her clients respect the COVID-19 guidelines advised by our government.

About us

At Dreadlock Alchemy, we are known for using the best natural and organic care for dreadlocks offered in San Diego, California. We use the Divine Hand & Hook method; a technique using  the Thai Crochet Hook. This specific technique creates an art form that is 100% natural. 


This method requires minimal maintenance, lasts longer, and does not compromise hair length. The benefit of this technique is that it does not require harsh chemicals, waxes, or gels; which are known to damage the hair.


Aside from dreading hair, we also specialize in dreadlock repair and reconstruction; and offer our own line of nourishing hair products.


"I started my journey here a month ago and I love my dreads. They are a work of art and bring happiness into my life. I'm in to do some maintenance and they are looking good! If you're interested in dreads, start your journey here!"




“I got my dreads done here a year and a half ago and they're maturing great. Mariah is awesome- she is fast, easy to talk to, gives advice on dreads and how to take proper care of them, competitive pricing. I live in Long Beach and travel down to SD to see her. I've got a maintenance appointment coming up and can't wait!"




“I'm a testimonial."




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