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Dreadlock Alchemy

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Welcome to Dreadlock Alchemy. This is your stop for loving, instant-locking, and 100% natural dreadlocks. We specialize in new dreadlocks installations, dreadlock maintenance, dreadlock extensions, dreadlock removal/repair, as well as wraps and coloring dreadlocks. 

Dreadlock Alchemy is located at

Millicent and Company Salons

4695 Palm Ave.

La Mesa, CA 91941


We would also like to put an end to the big misconception that dreads are dirty and have to look messy…they don’t! In fact, CLEAN hair locks into dreads much better than dirty hair.  


Here at Dreadlock Alchemy, we believe that instantly locked dreads CAN be achieved and they definitely don’t have to look messy. Dreads can either be high maintenance or virtually no maintenance, troublesome or easy, depending on which method is used to create them in the first place.

The method used here is a method known as the Divine Hand & Hook method. Is it a technique using the Thai crochet hook into an art form that creates 100% natural permanent dreads which require very little maintenance, doesn’t involve losing much length, doesn’t use any wax, or harsh chemicals involved at any stage of the making or maintenance! Our goal here at Dreadlock Alchemy is to give your dreads the best possible natural hair care possible, with no waxes, gels, or harsh chemicals.

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